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Top 10 Best Android Apps for Students


We are regularly available in a wide variety of the latest apps. Top 10 Best Android Apps for Students, especially for the students. This can make student life easier, cheaper, safer and more fun. If you want help with taking Lecture Notes, Revision, Wake Up, Examination Preparation, Bibliography Helper, Student Planner, Video Call, Scholar Safeguard, […]


Top 10 Mobile App Developers in India

For the sake of the fastest growing apps in the app development companies all over the world are available. Especially in the top 10 app developers in India are in the leading. Konstant Infosolutions Konstant information is an award winning mobile app development agencies in India. Konstant Infosolutions many prestigious companies for the excellent services […]


Top 10 Apps

Top 10 Apps – Windows Store, Microsoft’s built-in app store for Windows 8 and Windows 10, for mobile devices, leaves a lot to be desired. Advanced desktop users tend to stick to the standard browser download, aside from the usual suspects, such as Netflix and Amazon Kindle, the choice is pretty weak. But there are […]


Android 7.0 Nougat

The new version of the Google Android 7.0 Naugat titled Android OS update came on the market. This app coming to the market as soon as the Nexus series of non-Google phones such as the LG V-20 is going to be updated. Then what is the new features of  new OS Android 7.0? In Android […]


Newest Iphone App Pix

IT giant Microsoft, the leading newest iPhone app Pix release now has a fresh, rather than continuing through the camera. Microsoft’s ‘PIX’ has released the name of the app. The app is likely that the image nailed adjust. In addition, users exposure, white balance, contrast settings, such as the change in accordance with their needs. […]

Android Navigation Bar


The new design concept is the latest Google Android Navigation Bar, we’ll move forward. Recently, Google has uploaded the material of the design. Apps in the top navigation bar of the androids in the horizontal bar had to be taken down. Its design will be loaded in the OS. Apps Development is no longer required […]

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