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Kedareshwar Cave

Kedareshwar Caves

Kedareshwar Cave in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra in India. 6th century BC to the castle where they are located, ruled by the royal family, to the point where the Kalachuri. Spread on top of the castle, there are many caves. Only some of them have been found. There are many caves to discover. The first […]


Kanipakam Temple

SUKLAM BARADHARAM VISHNUM SASI VARNAM CHATURBHUJAM PRASANNA VADANAM DYAYETH SARVAVIGNOPASANTAYE AGAJANANA PADMARKAM GAJANANAM MAHARNISAM ANEKA DANTAM BHAKTANAM EKADANTAM UPASMAHE! “Kani” which means swamp, and “Pakam” means the flow of water, “KANIPAKAM” “means always flowing water”. Sri Varasiddhi Vinayaka Swamy temple in Chittoor district, located in the village of Kanipakam. Cool devotees defense, and he believed […]

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