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Nantucket Indians

Atheneum entering or leaving Nantucket, visitors to his modest home of an elderly man sitting at a table in footwear, basketball and face-to- face with a portrait of his household to come around. A view of the harbor and the skyline of the town of Nantucket on his back, and there is a window through […]


Zunis tribe

Zunis Indians are a strong part of the culture of the American Southwest; Zunis tribe in many anthropologists from about 3,000 to 4,000 years, is believed to have been living in the same area of land. Zunis Pueblo in northwestern New Mexico. McKinley and Cibola counties and 450,000 acres across two spans Zuni Reservation and […]


Plains Indians

Plains Indians Shelter means, plains indians is known as one of the tribe, lived in the huge area between the Mississippi and the Rocky Mountains. There were few trees but lots of wildlife. One of the most important animals to the Plains Indians was the buffalo. These tribes were well known for their religious ceremonies, hunting skills […]


Winnebago Tribe

Winnebago Indians is sometimes called the Ho-Chunk, Native Americans traditionally Siouan-speaking country Wisconsin, Minnesota states today are native to parts of Iowa and Illinois.Today, two separate federally recognized tribal governments Winnebago Tribe of Wisconsin and Nebraska are the Ho-Chunk Nation. Ho-Chunk Nation of Wisconsin, Dane, Jackson, Juneau, Monroe, Sauk, Shawano, and Wood counties, the territory […]

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